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Direct Donations

As a generous benefactor, you get to choose exactly where your donation goes:

The Nobody's Cats Foundation Fund
Donations go directly to the foundation and will be used to cover operating costs for our spay/neuter surgery clinic. With our actual costs averaging double our per-cat fee, every dollar helps us make ends meet!

The Dr. Matthew Murphy Memorial Fund
Dr. Matthew Murphy of Keystone Mobile Veterinary Services was the first veterinarian in our area to provide a high-volume of spay and neuter surgeries for domestic felines, including free-roaming cats. Working with PAWS, SNAP, and Kitz and Katz Foundation among others for more than a decade, Dr. Murphy refined his processes to create routine results of as many as 100 cats a day through his mobile surgery unit. He served as one of the inspirations behind the development of The Nobody’s Cats Surgery Clinic. Dr. Murphy died tragically in late September 2013, leaving a vast void in the local animal-welfare field. In his honor, the foundation has dedicated its surgery subsidy fund as a permanent memorial to this unassuming but remarkable leader.

Donations to the Dr. Matthew Murphy Memorial Fund will be specifically targeted at helping fund caretakers of large colonies or of limited financial means. Without this help, many of these animals would not be altered and vaccinated, causing more kittens to be born into an uncertain and frequently grim future. Recent beneficiaries include large rural colonies in Northumberland and York counties.

The Emergency Vet Care Fund
Help an injured or ill cat or kitten receive veterinary services by donating to our Veterinary Care Fund. The fund was established to enable life-saving veterinary care for free-roaming cats and kittens through a network of local veterinarians. Veterinary needs common to free-roaming cats and kittens include treatment for eye infections and injuries, fractures, wounds, and abscesses. Properly and quickly treated, these issues can be quickly corrected or reversed.

The 12 x 40 Program - $40 / Month for 12 Months
All around our area there are trailer park cats, restaurant dumpster cats, industrial park cats -- strays, abandoned pets, and their progeny who need YOUR help! Support our 12 X 40 Program by subsidizing spay/neuter surgeries and other critical services for 12 of these needy animals.

Many of these animals live in large colonies supported by caretakers stretched to the limit of their resources providing food, shelter and other care on a daily basis. Help them do all they can for their colony cats by subsidizing the surgeries, vaccinations and parasite treatments.

Only $40 per cat to eliminate all of the risks and consequences associated with reproduction, to protect against rabies, distemper and other viruses, and to provide a break from parasites – creating a real chance for a healthier, happier life AND ensuring this cat will no longer add to the region’s population.

Note: Remember to click on the "recurring payment" checkbox to support the program. You may cancel at any time.

Tender Loving Caretaker Program

Help a local colonies by sponsoring purchases of dry and canned cat food, and materials for all-weather shelters that we build and distribute to local caretakers. Many compassionate souls in our area care for colonies large and small – in many cases giving up their own small luxuries to prove the depth of their compassion. Won’t you help them fulfill the daily challenges of caring for a free-roaming cat colony?

Donate Funds via Mail, Phone, Email or In-Person
If you'd prefer to donate funds in another way, please get a hold of us / send donations to:
The Nobody's Cats Foundation, 3909 Hartzdale Dr., Suite 905, Camp Hill, PA 17011
The Nobody's Cats Foundation, 3909 Hartzdale Dr., Suite 905, Camp Hill, PA 17011

Donate Through One of Our Partners

Favorite us on eBay

Favorite us on Ebay! Support us by buying or bidding on our items, by donating a percentage of your ebay sales, or by making a direct donation.

United Way of the Capital Region
You can now make a donation to the foundation through the United Way of the Capital Region. Simply fill out the Online Pledge Form. Be sure you include the following information:

Agency Name: The Nobody's Cats Foundation
Address: 8191 Antietam Dr., Lewisberry, PA 17339
Agency Phone: 1-855-867-4228
501c3 EIN: 45-4719031

If you are a Walmart shopper you can choose Nobody's Cats for round-up donations every time you shop online.

Click here to sign up!

RXfundraising and Rite Aid are helping Nobody's Cats generate funds! The program is free to use and all you need to do is follow a few simple steps to get started!

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Other Ways to Help


The clinic is always in need of supplies! Below are some of the items we need all the time:

  • Paper towels
  • Kitchen-sized and heavy-duty large garbage bags
  • Distilled water
  • Wee Wee Pads
  • White Crew Socks
  • Long-Grain White Rice
  • Office supplies including scissors, #10 envelopes, letter-sized file folders, and multipurpose copy/printing paper

Caretakers of large or multiple colonies are always in need of cat food. You can donate any brand, in any amount, of dry or canned cat food.

Download a printable wish list. If you wish to donate supplies or food, you can always stop by the clinic at 3909 Hartzdale Drive, Suite 905, Camp Hill on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday and drop off donations on the cart or in the parcel bin outside our door from 9 am to 2 pm. If these hours don't work for you, you can drop off small amounts of supplies in the parcel bin after hours or shoot us an email at to arrange a different time.


Donate Stock:

You can now donate stock to The Nobody's Cats Foundation! This is a great way to maximize the value of your donation and enjoy the tax benefits. These benefits include deducting the amount of the charitable donation AND avoiding the unrealized gains on the donated stock (provided you have held the stock for more than 12 months).

If you are interested in donating stock, the foundation has a brokerage account established to make it possible. To make arrangements, please contact us at

Special Thanks!

The following benefactors have been instrumental in helping us set up and run our high volume spay/ neuter clinic. We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to them.

Myers Floors and Interiors of Littlestown
Special thanks to Myers Floors and Interiors for installing hospital-grade, seamless vinyl flooring in our new surgery suite! The folks at Myers are long-time supporters of spay/neuter programs in our area and we are proud that they want to play a role in our clinic.

LH Bubaker
Special thanks to LH Brubaker and Roger Fletcher for significant savings on our appliance purchases!

Harrisburg Office Furniture
Ongoing thanks to all of our friends at Harrisburg Office Furniture, who have supported the foundation with deep discounts on office furnishings and who provide a permanent food drive location for our food bank.

Notable Donations:
Autoclave: P. Rodger Magriney
Stainless Steel Work Tables: Joanne Weaver, Lynn Stitt, Maureen Baumgartner
Surgical Packs: P. Rodger Magriney, Karen Davis, Kelly and Mike Dale, Tracey Tomashpol
Mayo Stands: David Bottini, Tracey Tomashpol
Step Ladders: Sam Caruso and Andrea Crease
Vacuum Cleaner: Andrea Crease
Dissolvable Sutures: Sally Blair and Ginger Sheibley, Kelly and Mike Dale, Beth Brougher
Silver Nitrate Sticks for Ear Tipping: Beth Brougher
Surgery Blades: Edward Toyer
Clipper Blades: Brenda Kylen
Humane Trap/Trap Divider: Bethany Bratten