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Our Mission

The Nobody’s Cats Foundation promotes the adoption of Trap Neuter Return (TNR) as the preferred strategy for humanely stabilizing and reducing free-roaming domestic feline populations in south-central PA. This approach prevents suffering among the cats, protects public health, reduces stress on wildlife, and enables communities to redirect desperately needed resources elsewhere.

TNR is virtually universally acknowledged as the primary tool for reducing the overpopulation of domestic felines. Momentum to implement TNR in our community has grown dramatically in the past few years and we want to build on that momentum by providing access to the knowledge and resources necessary to implement TNR.

We estimate that approximately 355,000 free-roaming cats exist in our region. Through our various strategies, we hope to help the regional community realize spaying or neutering of 80 percent of the existing unaltered free-roaming domestic feline population by 2022. Whether you love or loath domestic cats, you have a stake in our collective success. TNR works by interrupting reproduction so that individual animals can no longer replace themselves many times over.

Our TNR Strategy

  1. Create a culture of "ownership" of free-roaming cat colonies by individuals, businesses, volunteer groups, youth groups, municipal bodies, and others.

    Through online resources, public presentations, and use of news and social media outlets, we seek to raise awareness of the prevalence of free-roaming cats, the causes and consequences of their presence, and how humane action by affected parties can create significant short- and long-term benefits.

  2. Encourage owner caretakers to implement Trap Neuter Return programs based on benchmarked policies and procedures.

    By creating and providing fact sheets, instructions, and other resources derived from respected national peer sources and tailored to our region, we hope to promote the acceptance of standard and effective approaches. We will also link caretaker owners to surgical services provided by other TNR programs offered through local non-profit agencies and the foundation's surgery clinic and will reward and promote success with an annual award program for colony owner caretakers.

  3. Coordinate and fund high-value, measurable Trap Neuter Return projects

    We will focus on definable, measurable projects to create results that promote similar projects, combining the efforts of multiple organizations and governmental and private bodies for comprehensive and sustained results.

  4. Create and fund a network of dedicated Trap Neuter Return spay/neuter surgery clinics to provide a high volume of Trap Neuter Return surgeries for free-roaming cats to the community.

    We will focus on a high volume of TNR surgeries and related services weekly (200-300) using highly qualified and motivated paid staff in a modern, permanent clinical setting. We will also engage local veterinarians and technicians to augment results with vounteer surgical clinics. Services will be offered at a low cost of $30 per cat and will include at a minimum, altering, ear tipping, and rabies vaccination.

Our High Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic

The Nobody's Cats Foundation opened its spay/neuter surgery clinic in Camp Hill (Lower Allen Township) in October 2013 and has already altered thousands of cats through the TNR strategy. The foundation's surgery clinic offers spay or neuter surgery, rabies and distemper vaccinations, ear tip, and related services for $30 per cat, regardless of gender, for free-roaming cats who will be returned to their outdoor homes.

Our Board of Directors

Christine Arnold

Christine founded the PAWS Trap Neuter Return Program in 2004 and served as the program’s manager through 2011. She has significant experience in all aspects of the strategy, from trapping and high- volume she served for six years as a weekly cat shelter caregiver for the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation. Past president of PAWS and former member of the PAWS Board of Directors, Ms. Arnold has also served on the boards of and as a volunteer for the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance, Rehabitat, and Wind Ridge Farm Equine Sanctuary. She has been highly active in non-profit fund-raising for more than a decade. A native of south central Pennsylvania, she is a former corporate communicator and free-lance writer with professional experience in all aspects of business and marketing communication. She lives in rural northern York County with three dogs and numerous domestic felines, including a free-roaming domestic cat colony.

Director statement: "Spreading awareness and implementation of Trap Neuter Return in our region will allow the community to meaningfully target meager animal-welfare resources to the benefit of all and will prevent unimaginable suffering among domestic felines in our area and among other domestic and wild species."

Tracy Bixler

Tracy has volunteered for the PAWS Trap Neuter Return Program since 2004. As the program’s data manager, Ms. Bixler collects and maintains details about the more than 15,000 domestic felines processed through the program to date, as well as associated client and demographic data. She also has volunteered for high-volume surgery clinics, has served as a mentor for colony caretakers, and is a colony caretaker at her rural Schuylkill County home. A resident of central Pennsylvania, she is a graduate of Upper Dauphin Area High School and has been employed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Insurance Department since July 1985. She currently serves as a life and health insurance policy examiner for the department’s Bureau of Life, Accident and Health Insurance. She holds the ACS (customer service associate) designation from the Life Office Management Association and is pursuing her FLMI designation. In addition to a free-roaming domestic cat colony, Ms. Bixler and her family provide care for numerous animals including indoor cats, dogs, a goat, a chinchilla, a rabbit, a peacock and a flock of chickens.

Karen Koch

Karen has implemented Trap Neuter Return in numerous capacities throughout south central Pennsylvania since 1998, working individually and partnering with numerous non-profit organizations. She serves as a caretaker for a number of free-roaming cat colonies in her county and has coordinated or mentored various Trap Neuter Return projects. A former veterinary clinic employee, Ms. Koch has nine years of experience in front-office processes including appointment coordination, surgery scheduling, and records and prescription management, as well as experience assisting with veterinary procedures. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has been a teacher, speaker, and motivator for Weight Watchers International for nine years, including leading many At-Work programs. She lives in suburban Cumberland County with her husband Bob, who also is an experienced Trap Neuter Return advocate, and they have two adult children and two grandchildren.

Director statement: "By teaching the Trap Neuter Return concept to volunteers of all ages, we can transform south central Pennsylvania into a community that focuses on saving the lives of cats and reducing their suffering."

Karen Stone

Karen is secretary and director of the foundation. Editor of the foundation newsletter, Karen has supported various non-profit animal-welfare organizations for the past 20 years. Her experience includes 10 years as a volunteer for Rehabitat, a wildlife rehabilitator, serving in various roles including president, secretary, membership coordinator, newsletter editor, and fundraiser. She also has volunteered for The Best Little Cathouse in Pennsylvania and has assisted her husband Barry with many events in his role as fundraising chairperson for the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation. Recently retired as a 35-year employee for Jack Gaughen Realtor ERA, she is a lifelong resident of central Pennsylvania. Ms. Stone lives in northern York County with her husband Barry, their Bichon/Poodle Cassie, and cat George. They have one son and spend as much time as possible with their grandchildren Cade and Elin.

Director statement: "We need to open our minds to change because the efforts of the past have not been successful. Trap Neuter Return, along with other low-cost spay/neuter programs, have proven to humanely reduce populations of free-roaming cats over time and eliminate the use of cruel and ineffective practices."

Our Non-Profit Company Information

The official registration and financial information of The Nobody's Cats Foundation may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.