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Our Mission

The Nobody’s Cats Foundation promotes the adoption of Trap Neuter Return (TNR) as the preferred strategy for humanely stabilizing and reducing free-roaming domestic feline populations in south-central PA. This approach prevents suffering among the cats, protects public health, reduces stress on wildlife, and enables communities to redirect desperately needed resources elsewhere.

TNR is virtually universally acknowledged as the primary tool for reducing the overpopulation of domestic felines. Momentum to implement TNR in our community has grown dramatically in the past few years and we want to build on that momentum by providing access to the knowledge and resources necessary to implement TNR.

Our various strategies include mentoring and training in the strategy and its tactics, a food and coupon bank, distribution of all-weather shelters, loan of equipment including humane traps and deterrents, and a dedicated, high-volume spay/neuter surgery clinic. Through these efforts, we hope to help the regional community humanely and sustainably manage and reduce its population of free-roaming cats.

Our TNR Strategy

  1. Create a culture of "ownership" of free-roaming cat colonies by individuals, businesses, volunteer groups, youth groups, municipal bodies, and others.

    Through online resources, public presentations, and use of news and social media outlets, we seek to raise awareness of the prevalence of free-roaming cats (also known as "community cats"), the causes and consequences of their presence, and how humane action by affected parties can create sustainable results in reducing their numbers and managing their behavior.

  2. Encourage implementation of Trap Neuter Return programs based on benchmarked policies and procedures.

    By creating and providing fact sheets, instructions, and other resources derived from respected national peer sources and tailored to our region, as well as quarterly TNR Basics Seminars, we promote the use of standard and effective approaches. We also link the community with resources provided by other service organizations, and reward and promote success with an annual award program for outstanding advocates.

  3. Coordinate and fund high-value, measurable Trap Neuter Return projects

    We focus on definable, measurable projects to create results that promote similar projects, combining the efforts of multiple organizations and governmental and private bodies for comprehensive and sustained results. Past focus has included mobile home communities, small municipalities, and college campuses.

  4. Operate a dedicated Trap Neuter Return surgery clinic to provide a high volume of spay/neuter surgeries and related services for community cats in the 15 counties of south central Pa.

    We use a highly qualified and motivated paid staff in a modern, permanent clinical setting. Services are offered at a low cost of $35 per cat and include altering, rabies and distemper vaccination, parasite treatment, and ear tip.

Our High Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic

The Nobody's Cats Foundation opened its spay/neuter surgery clinic in Camp Hill (Lower Allen Township) in October 2013 and has already altered thousands of cats through the TNR strategy. The foundation's surgery clinic offers spay or neuter surgery, rabies and distemper vaccinations, ear tip, and related services for $35 per cat, regardless of gender, for free-roaming cats who will be returned to their outdoor homes.

Our Board of Directors

Christine Arnold

Christine founded the PAWS Trap Neuter Return Program in 2004 and served as the program’s manager through 2011. She has significant experience in all aspects of the strategy. She served for six years as a weekly cat shelter caregiver for the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation. Past president of PAWS and former member of the PAWS Board of Directors, Ms. Arnold has also served on the boards of and as a volunteer for the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance, Rehabitat, and Wind Ridge Farm Equine Sanctuary. She has been highly active in non-profit fund-raising for more than a decade. A native of south central Pennsylvania, she is a former corporate communicator and free-lance writer with professional experience in all aspects of business and marketing communication. She lives in rural northern York County and is an avid birder and gardner.

Tracy Bixler

Tracy is a former volunteer for the PAWS Trap Neuter Return Program. As the program’s data manager, she collected and maintained details about the more than 15,000 domestic felines processed through the program, as well as associated client and demographic data. She also has volunteered for high-volume surgery clinics, has served as a mentor for colony caretakers, and is a colony caretaker at her rural Schuylkill County home. A resident of central Pennsylvania, she is a graduate of Upper Dauphin Area High School and has been employed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Insurance Department since July 1985, currently serving as Supervisor of the policy forms examiners for the Insurance Department’s Bureau of Life, Accident and Health Insurance. She holds the ACS and FLMI designations from the Life Office Management Association. In addition to a free-roaming domestic cat colony (which resides in the barn), Ms. Bixler and her family provide care for numerous rescued animals including indoor cats, dogs, a goat, and two chinchillas. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys crafting and attending concerts.

Marcy Domen

Marcy has implemented small- and large-scale TNR projects throughout the greater Harrisburg area and excels in mentoring. She has been instrumental in efforts with various municipalities to implement formal support for the TNR strategy and has worked with individual caretakers needing her special brand of moral support. Marcy's field experience and teaching skills shine during TNR Basics Seminars. She is also highly active in fundraising and special events. Originally from New Bloomfield and now a Mechanicsburg resident along with her husband, two sons, and various companion animals, Marcy attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and Central Pennsylvania College. She is the Chief of the Policy and Planning Division for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sara Pike

Sara participated in her first TNR project in Lewisberry in 2012 through the Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (CPAA) spay/neuter program. She has been a regular volunteer for the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation, Furry Friends Network, and CPAA. In 2016, Sara worked with a team to start the Shippensburg University (SU) Campus Cats program and the Shippensburg Community Cats Facebook group. She serves as the advisor for the SU Animal Alliance student club and has a particular interest in engaging college students in animal-welfare issues and encouraging their involvement with animal-rescue groups and TNR. Sara lives in Grantham and works in the library at Shippensburg University. An alumnus of Messiah College and Clarion University, Sara hails from Springfield, Massachusetts. She shares her home with three rescued cats.

Karen Stone

Karen is secretary and director of the foundation. Editor of the foundation newsletter, Karen has supported various non-profit animal-welfare organizations for the past 20 years. Her experience includes 10 years as a volunteer for Rehabitat, a wildlife rehabilitator, serving in various roles including president, secretary, membership coordinator, newsletter editor, and fundraiser. She also has volunteered for The Best Little Cathouse in Pennsylvania and has assisted her husband Barry with many events in his role as fundraising chairperson for the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation. Retired as a 35-year employee for Jack Gaughen Realtor ERA, she is a lifelong resident of central Pennsylvania. Ms. Stone lives in northern York County with her husband Barry and their canine and feline family members. They have one son and spend as much time as possible with their grandchildren Cade and Elin.

Jeanine Osman

Jeanine learned of the spay/neuter strategy as a child in the late 60s with the neutering of her family's new kitten and, as an adult, became an advocate for spay/neuter for the barn cats at her equine stable. Learning more about the foundation's TNR offerings through her advocacy, Jeanine began actively volunteering in fundraising and special events, before adding board membership and management of our shelter distribution program to her service. Formerly active with other local non-profit organizations, including the Hearing Loss Association of the Capital Region, Jeanine is a business consultant with undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science. She, her husband, and adult daughter enjoy the companionship of the family’s three horses, two indoor pet cats, and numerous barn cats. Jeanine enjoys travel and her future plans include part-time retirement near the Caribbean Sea along the Mayan Riviera.

Our Non-Profit Company Information

The official registration and financial information of The Nobody's Cats Foundation may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.